Nutella Cake

Two Ingredient Nutella cake.

Ingredients – 4 large, fresh eggs and 250gms of Nutella
(Buy a 1kg jar of Nutella if you can find it, you’re going to make this often!).

Preheat oven to 180 deg (160 fan forced).
Grease Continue reading

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Kobe Kant Special

Kobe Kant Special.

Folder of 16 patterns, all on individual sheets, published by Kantcentrum, Bruges, for the 2010 OIDFA 14th World Lace Congress in Kobe, Japan.

An absolute bounty of beautiful patterns – 3 Torchon, including a circular mat Continue reading

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Syllabus Binche

Syllabus Binche I, II and III.

Three folders of Binche instructions and patterns, by Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet, and published by Kancentrum Bruges.  In three languages – German, French and English.

It states in the introduction that this publication is neither Continue reading

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Beginning Binche

Beginning Binche


I needed a new project

To challenge my poor brain.

And forget about the worries

This crazy world has found again.


Some very clever ladies

Had designed some festive cheer

In the form of tiny motifs Continue reading

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Binche Tips

Binche Tips – (not in any particular order)  Please note I am only a beginner, these are just points I’ve discovered in my first few weeks of trying this type of lace. ….. Noelene, 6 Jan 2021.

You need Continue reading

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Old Time Tools and Toys

Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework by Gertrude Whiting.
DOVER publication
First printed in 1928, my copy reprint 1971
357 pages. Over 200 illustrations
No idea of price nothing on it.
It also has a very extensive Continue reading

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