Schneestern, by Ulrike Voelcker.
(Schneestern = Snow Star)

This is a 12 page leaflet (including the cover) of a pattern for a hexagon made up of multiple triangles of Binche snowflakes, separated by a cloth stitch band.  Instructions are in German and English.  The pricking and working diagram come on a separate folded sheet.

The pricking is designed to be done in Mettler 50/2 silk finish, which has a wpc of about 30, which is quite thick for Binche, but ideal for anyone tackling Binche snowflakes.  Ulrike gives suggestions for different threads for different scale prickings.

The working diagram shows how to work a different snowflake for each of the 24 triangles, but Ulrike also gives instructions for another 24 snowflakes, all explained using the Belgian colour coding system.

I bought my copy from Roseground in the UK for about $20 plus postage.  I would recommend this for anyone thinking of having a go at Binche.

Noelene   19/01/22