Christmas Card Exchange 2022

Christmas Card Guidelines 2022.

It’s time for our annual Christmas Card exchange again.  Our Round Robin basis seems to work well, so we’ll use that format again.

Guidelines: (and I’ll put these on the website too)

1.        Put your name down for the exchange by emailing me direct (not to the list) at And with just the two words “Christmas Card” in the subject line so that your email will go direct to the folder l have set up.

2.       Please, include your postal address in that email.  PLEASE DON’T FORGET, and don’t assume I already have it.

3.        You may put your name down for more than one card (with each card going to a different person, of course).

4.        You prepare a Christmas Card/s decorated with a piece of your own lace.  ANY STANDARD IS FINE.   This is NOT a competition – we really encourage beginners to join in.

5.        You write on the inside of the card  “To …………..  from  ……… on behalf of all the Gumnuts”.

6.        Closing date for putting your name down will be Wednesday 16th November.

7.        I will email everyone before the end of November with the name/s to send your card/s to.

8.        All cards are to be posted during the first complete week in December (week ending Friday 9th Dec).   If you’re going to be away that week, it would be OK to post your card before you go.  If something comes up to delay you sending off your card/s, please let me know.

9.         And one more – if you can, please take a scan or a photo of your card before you send it, and send it to me at, and I will put them on the website for all to share.

Christmas Card Guidelines 2022