Rips/Twilling, by Ulrike Voelcker
A5, 46 pages, full colour, soft card cover.

Twilling is a method of twisting your workers, or using gimps in pairs and twisting them, in order to create strong effects with colour.

Ulrike says she first saw it being used by Czech lace teachers, who in the late 80’s were leaders in the field of modern laces, and that during the recent Covid lock down, she investigated various aspects of the technique and came up with this booklet.

The booklet consists of several sections of explanations, covering the technique for cloth stitch areas (horizontal working by twilling/twisting your workers), and for vertical use, with the twilled pair standing out like a gimp, very similar to the gimps used in Russian tape lace.  She then goes on to give 8 exercises to do.

The booklet is in German and English, and has many very clear diagrams and photographs of examples.  I acquired my copy from Atelier MB in Germany for 9.50 Euros, plus postage, but because of poor postal services during Covid, freight was very slow and took over 8 weeks to get here.  It makes a great addition to Ulrike’s Torchon manual “Discover, Explore, Master”.

14 Nov 2021