New Tatting

New Tatting by Tomoka Morimoto

Published 2012

ISBN-13: 978-159668-745-5

The author was taught tatting by her mother at an early age and returned to tatting as an adult. She is an instructor at the Kasumigaoka Lace School in Tokyo.

Her book is ideal for a beginner for shuttle tatting, in her overview, she discusses Tools, Threads, Techniques of how wind shuttles. Tatting basics are covered with coloured pictures which easily show how the “flip” changes the shuttle and ball threads. She also shows how to tell the right and wrong side of tatting, and how to join to picots including how to join the first and final rings of a motif with multiple rings. Tatting Tips and Tricks show how to join in new threads, hide thread ends (by knotting threads, cutting and glueing!) and opening rings to fix mistakes.

There are step by step instructions for working from tatting diagrams and small motifs.

My favourite part is how she includes thread guides of the length of thread to wind onto your shuttle.

Patterns are in 3 sections: one shuttle tatting, two shuttle tatting, and split-ring tatting.

Patterns include, small motifs which can be used for jewellery, doilies, bookmarks, floral headband, lacy scarf, choker, makeup bag/pouch, table topper, key chain, coasters, shawl, table runner.

Lovely designs and easy to follow instructions for a beginner, minor issue would be the way she shows how to hide ends by knotting, cutting and glueing, this would not be approved at a lace show I would imagine.

The book is in English (note another of her books called Tatting Lace has Japanese text).

Julie  8/12/21