Dentelle de Normandie / Normandy Lace by Florence Quinette.
Page 57, the bookmark “Vice Versa” has quite a number of dots missing in the ground.

The Technique of Bobbin Lace by Pamela Nottingham, early version prior to 1995.
Page 42, Continue reading

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Thread Chart

This chart is based on assessing threads by wrapping the thread around a solid object, like a pencil, between two marks 1cm (10mm) apart, and counting how many wraps it takes (Wraps Per Centimetre).  All Continue reading

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Adding Pairs

Julie wrote ……… in Milanese I did what the book said and just hung the new pair on a temporary pin, then put the pair around a passive. Did a row then gently pulled down the new pair. The cloth Continue reading

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Gathered corners

I was always told(and it works out correctly) that you need twice the WIDTH

of the lace for each corner as that is perfect for the mitred version. It

seems fine for a gathered corner as well.

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Wire Lace

Wire lace bobbins and wire.

I gather the bobbins have holes and little hooks near the top?

Yes the bobbins do have a little hole at the top of the shank… through which you can attach the wire to “start” Continue reading

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