Dentelle de Normandie / Normandy Lace by Florence Quinette.
Page 57, the bookmark “Vice Versa” has quite a number of dots missing in the ground.

The Technique of Bobbin Lace by Pamela Nottingham, early version prior to 1995.
Page 42, starting off with a strip of basket weave.  One pair missing in directions to hang on bobbins.  Should be hange 3 pair on 1, 3 pair on A and 2 pair on B to H.

The Bobbinlace Manual by G. Stott.  #19, Crossroads.  Spider (compound) #9 is missing the pinholes on the bottom lefthand side – part of the continuing trail.

The Torchon Lace Workbook by Bridget M Cook.  In the first edition, the pictures of exercises 1 and 2 are transposted.