Graph Paper and Thread

2 mm graph paper, used straight, can be used for Torchon patterns (suitable for mats, table linen etc) using threads such as Brok 36/2, DMC Broder Machine 30, Egyptian cotton 36/2,  Madeira Tanne 30, Mettler Stickgarn 30/2, Presencia Finca 50, Venne Colcotton 70/2, Zwicky Ursus 50/3. Using Brenda Paternoster’s method of measuring the thickness of threads, these range from 29-36 wraps per centimetre.

2mm graph paper used on the diagonal may be used for finer Torchon patterns (suitable for handkerchiefs) using threads such as Brok 100/3, Egyptian cotton 70/2, DMC Broder Machine 50, Madeira Tanne 50, Mettler Stickgarn 50, Presencia Finca 80, Zwicky 70/2. These threads measure 39-46 wraps per centimetre.

Finding the right thread can be a problem. And, as you can see from the above, there is no consistency in the numbers that the manufacturers use to describe them. So, if you find a thread you think might work, wrap it round carefully measured marks on, say, a pencil, and count the number of wraps.

Some of the above threads are no longer available, and they can be hard to find. If there is nothing suitable locally, you can however  find them online. Basically, you have to use what you can get – it usually works.

Contributed by Pat