Lovely Tatting

Lovely Hye-oon Lee.

This is a 117 page book on tatting “Doilies for Spring & Summer”.  After the Introduction, there are a few pages of instructions and diagrams showing how to Tat, and then a couple of pages with the abbreviations  used in the text. An explanatory page follows, on how to read the patterns, and then the projects begin.

There are often 3 versions of the same design – mostly named after flowers, and patterns 1, 2, and 3 of the same basic design are just larger and larger versions from a motif to a full sized doily.

Hye-oon Lee is of Korean extraction, but has spent much of her life in USA, – so there is definitely a touch of the lovely Oriental designs in her work.

The photo of the completed lace is on one page, and the Instructions start on the opposite page. Each Round starts on a new line, which makes following the pattern a bit easier!

The lay out of the book is nice, and the photography shows up the doilies well.

The book cost US$28.25 + Tax. – which brings it to about  $42 AUS. at today’s approximate exchange rate.

….Liz L