Let’s Begin Making Bobbin Lace

Let’s Begin Making Bobbin Lace.

This is a 72 page soft covered spiral bound book designed to teach beginners, especially children, bobbin lace.

It is published by The Lace Museum, Sunnyvale, California, and part of it is their programme, by Cathy Bellville, for teaching students at the Museum.  Funding for the project came from the Kaethe Kliot Foundation in memory of Kaethe Kliot of Lacis, – the book and lace supplies place also in California.

The book is filled with good, clear diagrams, and text, and there is a touch of humour in the pen cartoons drawn by Kim Davis “Just to make it interesting to youngsters”

At the back of the book there are 3 patterns by Rosemary Shepherd, – with Kim’s ‘additions’ (and her drawings of Aussie animals is very good!)

The contents include “Cathy’s Contemporary curriculum”,  “Fast Projects for Small Hands” “An English Guest –Giles the Dog”, and “Children’s Projects from Down Under”

The designers are named with a photograph, as are the sample makers.

This is an excellent Beginners book, with small and larger projects, showing different ways of using each piece, and using coloured threads for effect.  Owls, fish, bookmarks, and key fobs – they are all there, along with some edges, square and round mats, and bracelets.

A very good buy for anyone teaching newcomers to the wonderful world of  Bobbin Lace

….Liz L