Bedfordshire Lace Designs

Bedfordshire Lace Designs, by Louise West.

Author: Louise West
Title: Bedfordshire Lace Designs
Language: English
87 pages, soft card cover, 2017
19.95 UK Pnds plus postage.  Available direct from author, email Noelene for contact details..
ISBN 978 0 9957370 0 6


To quote the forward, the designs in this book have been inspired by a range of sources, some historical, others from plant life, and one from another artist’s paintings ….   The book is not aimed at the complete beginner to lacemaking, but at the lacemaker who has some knowledge of Bedfordshire who wants to work new patterns. The book starts with a simple bookmark with full working instructions, and progresses through a total of 25 various lovely patterns of increasing difficulty until the final patterns are just the pricking and a photo of the worked lace.