Six Pins

Six pins a day
That’s what I was told
Put in just six pins
And your lace will unfold

I queried these words then
Six pins seemed so few
There are so many pinholes
When you start something new

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My Sanity

I’ve been out of sorts just lately
And feeling rather flat.
The weather’s been appalling
It’s even stopped the cat.

I had some jobs to finish
To get entries in a Show.
Ends to finish, hems to turn
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What is lace?

Lace is just air
Surrounded by thread
Without us lacemakers
The skill would be dead.

Lace can be bobbins
Flung about with great speed
Weaving patterns of beauty
Like magic, indeed.

Or needle and cotton
Drawn with such care
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Round Tuit

by Noelene

I have now made myself A Round Tuit.
It’s tatted, with ring and with chain.
And now I can always point to it
If I say “around to it” again.

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Christmas Poem

Especially at Christmas,
Here’s a greeting that brings
A whole lot of wishes
For life’s nicest things.

May your lace give you pleasure
May your pins never bend
May the thread on your bobbins
Last right to the end.

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I’m never alone when I sit at my lace
Every bobbin I own is a friend
And brings back to my mind some special time
When over my pillow I bend.

There’s the gumlace commems hand painted by Britt
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Lady Penelope

Lady Penelope Wins Again…

The bobbins are loaded, the pricking is done
The pincushion is bristling with pins.
There’s a picture of what the whole thing looks like
And the big new adventure begins.

Dive in with abandon, don’t let Continue reading

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