My Sanity

I’ve been out of sorts just lately
And feeling rather flat.
The weather’s been appalling
It’s even stopped the cat.

I had some jobs to finish
To get entries in a Show.
Ends to finish, hems to turn
It all just laid me low.

And then at last I realized
Just what seemed out of place.
I’m lace deprived – I’m starving!
I need my fix of lace!

All pillows stood there empty.
My bobbins had no thread.
There was no work in progress
To keep me out of bed!

So now the outlook’s different
There’s bobbins freshly wound
And prickings on the pillows
And challenges abound.

So my sanity is saved again
And for that I’m really glad.
Lace may be an addiction
But I’m still not going mad!


By Noelene in Cooma