The Fan Collection

The Fan Collection by Katherine Gentelli
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The Fan Collection comprises 19 Torchon lace patterns which are a mixture of fans and other items such as edgings or bookmarks that have been derived from the same design as the fans.  Ten complete fan patterns are in different sizes from small ones suitable as doll accessories to a large fan. Each pattern includes a colour photo of the finished item, the pricking and a very clear coloured working diagram.

The book also includes separate diagrams showing clearly how to start and finish the lace, and a section for those who want to design patterns to fit their own fansticks.  The only element missing from the book is that it does not include any instructions on how to mount your fan onto the fansticks.

The patterns vary in complexity but given the clarity of the working diagrams lace makers of ranging abilities should find a pattern to suit.

Review by Christie

The Fan Collection