Tatting GR-8 Patterns

Tatting GR8 Patterns.


Gary & Randy Houtz –

aka The Shuttle Brothers.


This is their 6th book of Tatting Patterns, and is in a similar format to their previous books. There is a nice dedication to Gary, who passed away late last year.

There are 4 “how to…” pages, and then  the patterns start. There are 33 patterns over the 58 pages of the book, and all instructions are in both text, and clear, large, diagram forms.  Photos of the completed pieces of lace are shown in colour.

Most patterns use the Self-closing Mock Ring method (SCMR) which allows some of the larger designs to be worked much further without the Cut and Tie  so often! The pretty cover piece is worked in one pass.

The bookmark pattern can also be worked as a small square piece, with some clever turning of the pattern to form the mat.

Another book full of delightful patterns.

Liz L, 12 July 2021