Lace Identification a Practical Guide

Lace Identification – a Practical Guide.
b Gillian Dye and Jean Leader
A very well written book suitable as a lace guide with very comprehensive chapters.
Very up to date and well set up about lace identification, leaving my other lace identification books in the shade.  It shows how to set up a record for lace identification once you’ve read the first chapter on a general approach to types of lace and materials.  Very well set out so you can follow through with types of lace from bobbin laces to machine made laces.  Also includes other types of lace such as tatting, crochet and knitted lace.
I am enjoying reading it, as there are so many variations, a chapter on “Spot the Difference”, another on “But What is it For?” and the final chapter is labelled “Odds and Ends”.  The fact it is written by two very competent lace makers in their own right who have researched so much about “Lace” of all types makes it so good.
I had decided I wasn’t buying any more books, but am so glad I bought this one.

Marisha, July 2021.
Hardback, beautifully set up quality paper
12 Chapters, 176 pages.
22cm wide x 26.5cm high
ISBN978 1 78500 866 5
Printed by Crowood Press UK.