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GINGERBREAD from an old English Woman & Home Magazine in the late 1960s.

8 oz. butter
8 oz. soft brown sugar
8 oz black treacle
12 oz plain flour
2 level dessertspoons ground ginger (we all like ginger, so a bit more can be used, as well as ginger pieces if wanted)
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 beaten eggs
half a pint of milk (10 fl oz, 300ml)
2 level teaspoons bicarb soda.

A roasting tin, mine old heavy aluminium one (27cmx33cm or 10.5″x13″).
Line tin with baking paper.
Melt butter, brown sugar & treacle together.
Sift the flour, ginger, cinnamon.
Stir into melted mixture, together with the 2 beaten eggs.
Warm milk to blood heat, add bicarb soda, stir and add to the mixture.
Mix well and pour into the tin.
Bake in a very slow oven, 300F or 150C for about 1.1/2 hours, or until a skewer comes out clean.

The recipe says to cover the top with baking paper after the first hour, but I never bother unless it is browning too quickly.  I never try to take it straight out of the tin, and my family have always cut while still hot and in the tin, as the top is quite crisp, but s it cools becomes soft and sticky.  No idea how long it keeps as it is one of thosse things where the family always kept eating it, and if I protested, would wait until I was elsewhere.  Lovely with tasy cheese or a Granny Smith apple, and DH always dipped his apple in a bit of salt!

Marisha  9/6/2021