Tatted Snowflakes

Tatted Snowflakes
By Vida Sunderman

This is a 32 page soft cover book in the Dover Needlework series of 40 tatted snowflakes and was first published in 1995. Each snowflake is illustrated, I think my favourites are the two 3D ones, where you make 3 identical snowflakes and then they are glued together.

Suggested threads used are sizes 10, 20 and 30, but you could also use size 70 or 80 thread for miniature snowflakes. There are instructions for learning how to tat, including use of two shuttles, correcting mistakes, finishing ends, laundering and blocking snowflakes, and working with beads. Also some hints on how to decorate with your snowflakes. Patterns use both single shuttles and two shuttles.

A clever feature is that the author tells you how much thread to wind on your shuttle, so that should save the problem of running out of thread or winding too much and then discarding what’s left. Sizes of snowflakes with the recommended threads range between 1 and 4 ½ inches.

All the patterns are quite pretty, some even use beads, jewels or glitter.

….. Julie, 6/3/15

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