Split Ring Tatting




Karen Bovard has published two books on   SPLIT   RING   TATTING  and, apparently there is a third book in the making.

The  TECHNIQUES   needed are well illustrated and she uses two colours to make the message clearer.  There are  NO  chains in the patterns and you work with two shuttles for the thread sources at the one time.  More shuttles are needed in multicoloured patterns.

The  PATTERNS  are drawn in red and green to show you regular double stitches and green the reverse double stitches, and has arrows to show which direction around the ring to work.

The  DESIGNS   are geometric and “can be easily manipulated to create bookmarks, edgings, pouches etc in various sizes and shapes” – from the back of her book.  There are some celtic style patterns and others that look as though the colours are interlaced.

At the back of  More Fun with Split Ring Tatting there are instructions for working the patterns in  NEEDLE  TATTING.

I was attracted to the book to have something “new” to go in my handbag for those times when you have to sit and wait.  Heard about them first on Arachne and purchased both books from “Book Depository”, not sure if they are available locally.

Karen (The ShuttleSmith) has her own website and is a member of Arachne.

…..Mary C