Structure of Threads for Lace

The Structure of Threads for Lace by Barbara Ballantyne
Published in Australia by Barbara Ballantine.  ISBN 9780980850703
16 pages, soft card cover in full colour.
Barbara says “This book explains the basic structure of cotton and linen thread ….. This book has relevance for many lacemakers and manufacturers of thread for lace”.
The book is divided into two parts – Part I covers practical issues, and Part II are some brief notes on thread history.
Barbara discusses the way threads are twisted both in manufacture and during use, and compares many of the threads available to us today.
It would make a great addition to anyone’s library.
Barbara says she will have the book for sale at the next NSW Lace Day.
If anyone wants to contact Barbara, please email me direct and I’ll send you her email address.

Structure of Threads