Jours Anciens de Cilaos

JOURS ANCIENS DE CILAOS – Mick Fouriscot / Suzanne Maillot

Paris (F) 1999, 46 pp., 29×22 cm, hardback. Text: French.

Price: Euro 14,50 from Barbara Fay: follow the thread to fine embroidery, then drawn thread work.

From their catalogue:
“On the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean there survives an old form of embroidery for which warp and weft threads are removed from linen cloth. The edges of the resulting square holes are secured, new threads are stretched diagonally and decorated with a variety of patterns. Many possible ways of creating imaginative fillings are shown in this book.
The very attractive examples – right at the end also with threads in shades of one colour – make one want to get to work on them.”

Lisa adds:
It’s a lovely book, with beautiful pictures. There are a few pages of French text about the history of the craft, but excellent photos showing the basic techniques and a range of patterns should be clear enough for anyone to be able to follow.

jours anciens de cilaos