Lierse Kant oud en Nieuw

Lierse kant oud en nieuw
Greet Rome-Verbeylen
ISBN 90 73214 03 6
Published 1991
Review by Jan M

The cover of this book has an inviting mask featured. The technique is tamboured net – worked with a hook with the chains falling on the right side of the completed piece.
The net used is a six sided mesh. The text throughout is non-english, however there are clear pictures of the finished lace and in the introduction there is a reference to “Cornelymachine”.

In the early pages there are diagrammatic illustrations of the techniques including how to start. A page of design features is followed by 6 pages of how-to diagrams. Then follow a series of patterns using these design techniques. Wherever a new feature is used, the diagrams and photographs are there. There seems to be no use of needle and thread as is used in Limerick Lace.

With clear photographs and diagrams, the book gives a clear guide to the working of the lace even allowing for the non-translation of the text. I expect it could be used alongside Jean Dudding’s “Coggeshell Lace” texts (Pat Earnshaw in “A Dictionary of Lace” refers to Coggeshell Lace deriving from the Flemish).

Lierse Kant