El Encaje de Hinojosa


El encaje de Hinojosa Historia y tecnica Hinojosa Lace – History and Technique
By Mariña Regueiro
My copy purchased from Barbara Fay, Gammelby.

The book is written in four languages, one being English.

The first part of the book covers the history of the lace from its start in Hinojosa southern Spain, in 1929, to its demise due to changing work availability and the fickleness of fashions.

An explanation of the techniques for the working of the braids in the designs, forms the second part of the book. There are a variety of braids with very clear diagrams showing  how they are worked.

The third part of the book consists of patterns , photos of the finished items and a list of the braids incorporated in the design.  There are patterns for fans, collars, motifs, edgings round and square, corners, small and larger cloths.

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