Discover Torchon

discover torchon

Discover Torchon

Discover – Part 1 of Ulrike Voelcker’s “Discover, Explore, Master Torchon.
From Barbara Fay, 28 Euros.  In German and English.

Ulrike has published her definite work on discovering Torchon in a loose leaf format, suitable for binding in a 4 ring binder.  She says the book has been written for lacemakers with a basic knowledge of how to wind a bobbin, the basic stitches, pin after 2 and pin after 4 edges.  It is to help lacemakers studiying on their own to master Torchon lace, with techniques being explained in many small steps, with a total of 75 prickings.

In the introduction, Ulrike says that it has been published in loose leafe format because a heavy book is difficult to handle when working, loose pages are easier to handle on a photocopier, the lacemaker can add their own notes, and it is less expensive than a bound book.  Top marks, Ulrike, on all counts.

The set of pages consists of 63 sheets (126 pages) and is divided into 12 chapters, covering clothwork, ground, spiders, Scandanavian ground (honeycomb), roseground, triangular ground, leaves and tallies, gimps, half stitch variations, and finally grounds, patterns and colour.  Followed by a chapter on general techniques, then a chapter on literature, practical tips and solutions.  Incidentally, Ulrike goes to some bother to sugtgest ways of finishing off ends!

There are, of course, full diagrams for each stage, colour coded, with many interesting prickings along the way.

It has been difficult to select a couple of pages to illustrate this book review – every single page is of great value.  So I’ve chose a page each from chapters 3 (spiders), 6 (triangular ground) and 9 (decorations in half stitch) to whet your appetites.

I am very, very impresseed by this book, and look forward very much to the next publication, Explore, due out towards the end of this year.   This will contain a collection of prickings: shawls, tablecloths, a small stitch sampler ….   The final publication, Mastering, which will contain tasks/nomework/exercises which “will increase your understanding” and also contain many practical tips, and is due out in 2013.