Dentelle des Montagnes

dentelles montagnes

Dentelles des Montagnes

Dentelles des Montagnes by Michelle Andreu

A soft cover book of 28 pages of pictures, illustrations and working diagrams, all in colour.
All instructions are in french.

There are also 12 pages containing several patterns.
They are very clear and easy to follow, even for a beginner to lace making.

The description from Barbara Fay’s website says this publication is about bobbin lace of Queyras (in the Western Alps).
This lace was originally freehand, but the author has prepared prickings and working diagrams.
Barbara Fay also makes note that some of these patterns are already in Michelle’s book Dentelles De Queyras, printed in 2001 (and now out of print).
I am looking forward to making some of these patterns on my “to do” list.