Contemporary Lace for You

Contemporary Lace for You by Jane Atkinson.
Hard cover, full colour.  Out of print, but still available, I think, from the author.

ISBN978-0-9551512-1-7.140 pages,soft cover ,27cmWx 24cmH Webfoot books in Association with inTAtex
A very well written and interesting book not a lot of prickings in it as it is for the person making the lace to get ideas on how to make things.

She talks about all the different grid types for lace eg polaris grids,logarithmic grids and how different types can be incorporated in a piece of lace. Lots of reading with discussions on using colour,different types and textures of threads and how to work out a design for a piece of lace for yourself.Quite technical but very easy to read and very supportive of contemporary lace designs. There are large pieces as well as small edgings and scarves discussed so plenty of ideas to whet the appetite for those who like to be creative.