Mailander Spitze by Corbet

Received a late birthday/Christmas present, “Mailander Spitze” by Barbara Corbet published by Barbara Fay Verlag only this year.  The instructions are comprehensive and the patterns delightful. 

“Different techniques are used to work the scroll in different types of Continue reading

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Dentelle aux fuxeaux perlee

Dentelle aux fuseaux perlee, Magaliu Demelle Deboudard, with directions by Mick Fouriscot (in French of course, no English).
Hard cover, colour, A4, 96 pages.  ISBN 978-2-35032-269-8
Patterns for pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  Purses, small fans, and other Continue reading

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Gozo Lace


Gozo Lace – An Introduction to Lace Making in the Maltese Islands, by Consiglia Azzopardi.
A4, soft cover, 132 pages, black and white. First published 1991, second edition 1992.
Printed in Malta.  No ISBN number.

Chapters are on Continue reading

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Grazer Spitze

Kloppeln.  40 Muster der GRAZER SPITZE by Emma de Ro.
Published by Leopold Stocker.  Foolscap, hard cover, full colour.
In German, only a short introduction about Graz and a half page Introduction to the lace is in English. Continue reading

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