Exploring Inlay Gimp Variations

Exploring Inlay Gimp Variations.
by Kay Asahi.
This is a small, spiral bound, book of 62 pages, with 11 ways of inlaying a gimp within a braid .

The book starts with different ways of ending off braids – as in Brugge or Withof lace,

It then goes on to show, in colour, a completed braid with the 2 colour gimp inlay, and  the instructions and coloured working diagram. Is on the opposite page.

Each page has a different inlay, and there are 11 to choose from!

There are also  11  small patterns in the 2nd half of the book to practice the various braids on.

This would be a very useful book if you work Braid laces.  It is well thought out, and as the spiral binding opens out flat, the picture of the completed lace and the diagram & instructions appear  as if on the same page.

It is available from The Lace Museum, Sunnyvale, California for  US$21.64.