Pizzo di Cantu Decalcabile 7

Pizzo di Cantù Decalcabile 7

See also review of Pizzo di Cantù Decalcabile/i 1-5, Casa Editrice Mani di Fata

I bought #7 from Barbara Fay for 22 euros to go with a couple of needlelace purchases. Like its predecessors, it contains a range of patterns including earrings, insertions, a simple Torchon edging, mats, a Madonna, a cat and a large circular tablecloth in Cantù classico. Some of the edgings and insertions are attractive and do-able but looking ahead to the mounting stage, with all those irregular shapes, one might think twice. Again there are sheets of transfers of the patterns and instruction in the back of the magazine. The text is all in Italian but the diagrams are clear – however I still think Cantù classico is one lace where a teacher is worth a thousand pictures.