Syllabus Binche

Syllabus Binche I, II and III.

Three folders of Binche instructions and patterns, by Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet, and published by Kancentrum Bruges.  In three languages – German, French and English.

It states in the introduction that this publication is neither a theoretical or historical treatise, it is just a summary of a course conducted at the lacemaking school in Bruges.

In all three folders, prickings are provided on the dark pricking card.   I found it preferable to scan these, convert them to a plain black dots on white background image, and enlarge to suit myself.   Large working diagrams of all prickings are provided, in the Belgian colour code of purple for CTC, red for CTCT, and green for CT.  Sadly, these do not photocopy or scan true to colour, and I found colouring in areas with coloured pencils well worth while.  (See the Post on Binche notes elsewhere on this site.)

The patterns in these folders did not inspire me personally, having been tempted to try Binche by the delightful patterns  published by various Japanese designers.  But there is a wealth of information contained within these folders.

Contents of the folders are provided as a separate PDF file: SyllabusContents