Beginning Binche

Beginning Binche


I needed a new project

To challenge my poor brain.

And forget about the worries

This crazy world has found again.


Some very clever ladies

Had designed some festive cheer

In the form of tiny motifs

Just right, this time of year.


So dive into my library

Get out the books on Binche.

Try Flanders first they touted?

“Nah, this will be a cinche”.


“Do a sample strip of snowflakes”

The large snowflake is quite clear

But then it joins a footside,

And it begins to disappear.


There are dozens of these snowflakes

Some in cloth stitch, others not.

Some with frames round, some with rings round

How many?  Quite a lot!


Then there’s Kat stitch with no pins in

Which will wander cross the piece.

Keeping tension straight on this stitch?

The problems never cease.


And most of all, there’s cloth stitch

To form a picture in the ground.

Where pairs come in, and pairs go out –

And my head goes round and round!


But when a motif’s finished,

Though tension is so poor

It just looks oh so pretty

And I want to make some more!


Noelene Lafferty

The Angle, Australia