Nur Torchon?


Nur Torchon?
By Inge Theuerkauf.  Published 1999, original price 30.17 Euros.
No ISBN number.
Hard cover, A4, black and white with some colour diagrams.
64 pages, plus some prickings on separate sheets in plastic sleeve at back.
In German and English

A difficult book to describe.   “Nur Torchon?” roughly translates to as “Where to now for Torchon?”, and every pattern is something out of the ordinary.

Apart from the 12 pointed mat on the cover, the most famous pattern from this book is the very large circular mat, worked with 100 pair of bobbins (top right in picture).  There is a smaller circular mat (54 pair), (top piece in bottom left picture), unusual use of gimps, unusual use of curved designs, and so much more.  There is a shawl worked in bands, insertions and edges, and the book ends up with some s’ Gravenmoerse lace, including directions on how to do the half stitch.

Sadly, this book now seems to be out of print (I’m glad I bought it when I could years ago, when I saw someone making the big circular mat and just had to have the book).