Neue Kloppelideen fur Torchonspitzen


Neue Kloppelideen fur Torchonspitzen
By Katharina Egger. Published 2000.
ISBN 3-258-06058-4
Hard cover, bit bigger than A5.  Colour pictures, black and white diagrams.
112 pages, plus some prickings on separate sheets in paper sleeve front and back, and a loose leaf instruction on photocopy settings to get actual size required.
In German, but with clear diagrams and pictures.

An extremely useful book.  Lots of edges, corners, curved edges for mats, medallions (square, round, octagonal) which can be joined together to make larger mats.   Some distorted grid lengths, some curtain or blind edgings, hanky edges, little bit of jewellery, and Christmas decorations in bangles.  I’ve often used the medallions to place inside plastic glass coasters and given as presents.

Sadly, now out of print, and prices asked for it on Amazon are absolutely horrendous!