Microwave Christmas Pud

75g(3oz) currants
75g(3oz) sultanas
150g(5oz) raisins
50g(2oz) mixed peel
30ml(2tblsp) rum or brandy or
15ml(1Tblsp) treacle
2 eggs
grated zest & juice of 1 orange
100g(4oz) dark brown or brown sugar
75g(3oz) melted butter
50g(2oz) fresh brown or white breadcrumbs
50g(2oz) chopped almonds
25g(1oz) glace cherries chopped
10ml(2tsp)mixed spices
150g(5oz )plain flour
Grease & line base of 1.4 litre or 2.1/2 pint pudding basin.
In a bowl cover dried fruit & peel with boiling water and
microwave on high for 2 mins.
Allow to stand for 30 mins, drain, add remaining ingredients,
spoon into bowl, cover with cling film vented.
Microwave on High for 8-10 mins.
Stand for 5 mins , invert onto warm serving plate.
Remove paper from base ,warm brandy or whisky or rum,
pour over & light.
The mixture can be made up & stored in frig for 2-3 days then
removed from frig for several hours then cooked as above.
A couple of my books recommend not to reheat full precooked
pudding in microwave as it can catch fire because of high sugar content.

Marisha says:
I find this is a very good pudding & enjoyed even by “I only eat steamed
in the cloth puddings” Good when the weather is hot & you still want a pud.
( I often just add up & weigh out total amount of fruit in prepared mixed fruit)
(Quantities for ozs etc.are in the recipe as such)