Magic Threads

magic threads

Magic Threads

Magic Threads by Christine Springett
Published by C&D Springett.

My copy bought through Holly van Sciver in the USA for $US14.95 plus postage

An A5 soft cover book of 48 pages.
Christine starts with a a couple of pages of FAQ’s, then goes on with directions illustrated by photos for using magic threads with Torchon edging starts in trails and in fans, Torchon finishes, and then several pages on using magic threads in Bedfordshire Lace.

She also covers the use of a darning magic thread, which is where you attach the magic thread loop to your bobbin, to enable you to darn away ends.

Torchon and Beds are the only laces she specifically mentions, but the techniques could certainly be used for other types of laces – in fact, anywhere where you need to tie in threads. I’ve used the techniques in the book very successfully in coloured tape lace, where I wanted small areas in a contrasting colour.