Magic between snowflakes & Torchon

Magic between snowflakes & Torchon
by José van Pamelen-Hagenaars 2020
Published by New energy books, Vianen, Nederlands.
Hard cover, full colour, foolscap size
34 pages, but pages are not numbered and there is no index (curious!)
A Forward in 4 languages, including English, but there is no other text in this book, just working diagrams and pictures of the completed lace (also curious!).  None of the designs have names.

The book contains patterns for 24 identically sizes squares, all made from 50/2 coloured linen, and a pattern for a framework to hold together 5 squares. All use 22 pairs of bobbins.

The designs incorporate Binche and Flanders technique snowflakes within Torchon frameworks.  To quote the author, he has “managed to bring the large and small snowflakes together in the Torchon lace and to design matching joints on the side.”  Not all squares incorporate snowflakes, some are plain Torchon, some Torchon with a “twist” – for example, having large holes in the design where bobbins are discarded one side and rejoined the other.

There is a double page of explanations with coloured diagrams and accompanying colour coding, again in 4 languages

I purchased mine from AtelierMB for 35.20 Euros.

Noelene   8/11/2020