Lace and Bobbins – Huetson

Lace and Bobbins by T L Huetson

Published by David & Charles  2nd ed. 1983 ISBN0-7153-8540-2

Hardcover price not remembered.
187 pages  14.5cms x 22.5cms.

I purchased this book soon after it was published many years ago.Probably at a sale price when I was working in Chatswood when there were often book sales in the shopping centre basement under David Jones.

The first edition was published in  1973 so Huetson found it very interesting with the increased interest in lacemaking in 1983.  It is a very interesting book with lots more about actual bobbins than lace. The idea being to connect the type of bobbin with the lace made.

There is a lot on the actual history of lacemaking in England and a brief summary of Italian and European laces.
Huetson was a collector so he made attempts to find out as much as he could about the items he was collecting. He was also very interested in the inscriptions found on bobbins and has a number listed.

A good general book particularly for anyone interested in all the different types of bobbins.

Marisha Kelly  2/11/20