La Guipure de Puy

guipure du puy

La guipure du Puy 1 & 2

La Guipure de Puy and
La Guipure du Puy Volume 2.
by Mick Fouriscot and Nathalie Hubert
My copies purchased from Barbara Fay for E20 and E17 respectively.
Both Hard cover, full colour.  Book 1, 78 pages 30 patterns, Book 2, 62 pages, 20 patterns.

These book are all in French, but with extremely clear diagrams.  I hope the few pages I have selected at random will give you some idea.  All diagrams are colour coded, with additional diagrams for tricky bits.   I have tried one of the simpler edges from Book 1 (Pattern No. 2, using 14 pairs) and I was pleased how well I could follow the digrams without any knowledge of French.

Patterns range from the exceedingly simple using only 10 pairs of bobbins, right through to an edge requiring 49 pairs of bobbins at the end of Book 1, and an intricate edge using 66 pairs to attach to an octagonal piece of fabric at the end of Book 2.

Almost all patterns are edges, with just a few having corners.

My only complaint is the positioning and quality of the prickings.  Very hard to photocopy.