La dentelle Torchon – Nouvelles Creations

nouvelles creations

La dentelle Torchon – nouvelles creations

La Dentelle Torchon – Nouvelles Creations.

Another hard cover book of Torchon from Martine Piveteau – all in French, but with clear working diagrmas and very clear pictures (including finishing off being just threads knotted then cut off!!).
The book contains 20 different patterns – 4 square mats, a rectangular mat and a hexagonal mat, 2 scarves, a fan, and a shawl.  One of the mats made entire of lace is quite a challenge.
Some lace prickings are in the book, some are on a separate (loose) sheet.
I bought my copy from Barbara Fay for 28 Euros plus the usual 5 Euros airmail postage.
I am very happy with this book, and look forward to making items from it.