Kloppeltiere mit Schleife

Kloppeltiere mit SchleifeKloppeltiere mit Schleife (Bobbin lace animals with tapes)
by Marianne Geibendorfer. ISBN 3-927598-38-0
In German. Soft cover, BandW with colour cover and centre page pictures for suggested uses.
Size 250mm x 200mm, 36 pages, stapled.
The book consists of a few pages of diagrams of basic instructions for Milanese type tapes, 4 pages of actual tape types (as illustrated above), then outlines and prickings and picture of completed item for 17 animals.
This would be a great book for someone just started on Milanese.
I bought my copy from Kloppelshop in Germany at a sale recently for half price (8 Euros) plus postage.
…….Noelene   8/9/15