Butterfly and Moth

ButterflyAndMothButterfly and Moth, by Ulrike Lohr.  In German and English. Does not appear to have an ISBN number. Published by Ulrike Lohr in 2004.
Soft cover, 250mmx200mm, stapled, 74 pages, illustrations in full glorious colour, one butterfly/moth per page at front and back, copious diagrams in black and white, and a sparate A2 sheet of working diagrams for each butterfly/moth.
Definitely not for the beginner or the faint hearted.  But superb and details diagrams and instructions for anyone patient enough to follow them.  These are actual replicas of real butterflies and moths, and colours chosen accordingly, from Pipers 90 floss silk used in varying multiples of strands.
This is another book I purchased from Kloppelshop in Germany for half price (14 Euros) plus postage at a recent sale they had, and I am delighted with it.
……Noelene   8/9/15