Introducing Bone Lace

Introducing Bone Lace,

by Gil Dye.

This is the 5th book in the series, but is actually a Prequel to the others.

After the introduction, there are photos and diagrams of the equipment needed to make bobbin lace, and  some simple exercises to get started.  Gil works on 5mm graph  paper, and the dots for pins are clearly shown, with working diagrams alongside.

There are only 2 “proper” patterns, later on in the book, – for a Gold thread  edge found on a glove, and for the Fir Tree pattern which was an edging on a wider piece of lace in the Lace Guild collection, that may have been an edging for a ruff.

The portrait on the front cover is of a costumed guide at Hardwick Hall, whose wife made the ruff for him for his “uniform” as Sir Thomas Egerton (Master of the Rolls, and Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth 1)  The handmade lace edge is the 7 pence lace from the Isham book – Book 2.

This is another Gem in the series on the Early Laces, and how they were made.

Liz Ligeti.