Gozo Lace


Gozo Lace – An Introduction to Lace Making in the Maltese Islands, by Consiglia Azzopardi.
A4, soft cover, 132 pages, black and white. First published 1991, second edition 1992.
Printed in Malta.  No ISBN number.

Chapters are on History, Equipment, Preparing to Work, Basic Stitches, Motifs, Insertions and Borders, Doilies, Interesting Articles to Work, and a final chapter on Making up the Finished Lace.  The book should come with a folder with all the prickings in it, but this is missing from my second hand copy.  However, every pattern also has a diagram printed in the book, and I think I should be able to work from photocopying these.  I’ve written to the bookshop to ask if they have the folder.

All instructions are well explained and illustrated, in clear, plain English, and the book includes several traditional patterns with full instructions.

Recommended for anyone interested in Maltese lace.

Noelene, 18/9/2017