Guidelines for New (and Old) Gumnuts

Guidelines for Gumnuts 

Please ready carefully and try to keeping our fun site running smoothly.

1.         No attachments.   These cause great problems for some of our members.   If you have a picture to share, send to me at   and I will include it on my website, then tell all Gumnuts it’s there.

2.         No jokes, or comments about religion or politics.   There’s more than enough lace subjects to talk about!

3.         Read your message through before you hit send – sometimes a little typing mistake can create the wrong impression.

4.         Make sure you’re sending to the right address – don’t send a personal message meant for just one person to Gumlist.  There have been a couple of red faces in the past for some Gumnuts who did this!

5.         Experiment with a bit of editing, even if you think you’re a bit of a duffer with the computer.   Try not to quote back entire messages, just leave in the bit that’s relevant to what you’re saying.  The “Delete” key can be your friend, just lean on it!

6.         If you run into any computer problems about sending messages, please contact me and I’ll try to help you out.   I’ve been through it all myself already!