Are you a Gumlace Junkie?

Ten ways to tell you are a Gumlace Junkie

1. There is a used coffee mug or tea cup beside your computer.
2. Your gumlace friends know what you are having for dinner.
3. You ask the list a question before you ask your tutor.
4. You tune in every morning ‘just so you don’t get behind in your emails’.
5. You do a puzzle while waiting for more messages to come through.
6. You have the email on all day ‘for company’.
7. Your family don’t understand you as well as your gumlace friends.
8. You can tell who is on line at the same time you are and you email them off or on list to chat.
9. You call the gumlist instead of the brains trust.
10. You spend hours sitting at a keyboard typing to people you have never met, about threads, twists, tools and patterns when you should be doing housework, and you know it’s time well spent.