Flowers for Jess

Hi everyone,

So Liz kindly sent me an email suggesting I put together all my information into one email so that we would all be clear, and anyone wanting to contribute has the information.

Sorry it’s taken so long, work is crazy at the moment and I have been doing longer hours.

So I am getting married in October and am going to have a lace flower bouquet. Some ladies on Gumlace and not on have kindly offered to make some some, and I am feeling very overwhelmed by the generosity and the thought of having your best wishes when I hold them and keep them forever.

I am currently making the lace to go on my dress.


In white or shades of blue, or small yellow flowers

I only own the Doris Olsen’s flower book and from this I like 3, 6, 7,8,10, 17 and 18.

If you have Fantasy Flowers – Rosemary Shepherd, any that look reasonably realistic or simple would be great. (I haven’t seen the book)

Green stems will be great, or no stems and I can add those later.

Tatting is perfect as well and would love some small flowers to put with the bouquet.

I will happily send back stamps as thank you and will ensure that Noelene gets photos for the website for showing and will bring the dress and the flowers into the Melb lace day after the event.

Thanks everyone this will be beautiful and the most amazing way to start married life with knowing you send your blessings with the flowers, thanks.

Jess in New Gisbourne, Vic

(If anyone wants Jess’s contact details, please email me direct – you all know my email address!  Noelene)