Floral Emblems of Australia



Floral Emblems of Australia in Point Ground Lace
By Heather Billington.
Self-published by Heather, see Suppliers pages.

Spiral bound, clear plastic front, cardboard back.  65 pages, in Colour.
This books contains hexagonal designs for the floral emblems of all States and Territories of Australia.
Each design has a full page working diagram, and often technical notes specific to that design, and a separate full page working diagram of gimp movements.
There are also several pages at the front on techniques used in general.
The piece de resistance is the Golden Wattle Mat, illustrated above, a wonderful piece into which one can work as many or all of the emblems, for which individual prickings are supplied.
Each emblem is illustrated by a picture of bobbins painted by Britt of the flower itself, and the final section of the book is a set of botanical notes.

A wonderful addition to any lacemaker’s library!

…..Noelene  16/12/14