Estonian Lace Jewellery

estonian lace jewellery

Estonian Lace Jewellery

Bobbin Lace Jewellery and Accessories I by Lia Looga of Estonia
Text in Estonian, English and German
Hard cover, 11 pages, full colour pictures
Purchased from Barbara Fay, Germany, 39.00 Euros.

There are 120 numbered patterns for broaches, earrings, necklaces and scarves,  And a couple of very interesting butterflies.  The challenge lies in the assembly, as there are no real instructions here for attaching the beads that form part of the jewellery.  All prickings are at the back of the book, and many small pricking elements are used in several different designs.

She lists in the book many of the various threads she has used, but it’s up to the individual to experiment with what is available and achieve their own interpretations.

Lydia did loan me the earlier book by Lia Looga, just called “Bobbin lace Jewellery”, but this is now out of print at Barbara Fay, and is very similar to the book reviewed above, so I haven’t done a separate review for that.