Collection 1 by Nakazaki

Collection I by Kumiko Nakazaki.
A cardboard folder, containing 9 sets of sheets of Binche patterns and one Flanders.  Each set contains a photo of the finished article, the pricking (sometimes in 2 or 3 sizes), and a large, detailed, working diagram.  Patterns are
Young Polar Bear (a deep edge with corners)
Daffodil and Crocus (ditto)
Harmony (ditto)
Bow (a narrower edge with corners)
Mistletoe (edge for three different shapes – triangular, oval and circular)
Wild Rose (motif)
Campanula (motif)
Christmas Bear (circular motif)
Village Scene (3 houses shown on folder)
Switzerland (Flanders ground deep edge with corners with Swiss emblems).
I bought mine from Kantcentrum in Bruges.   These folders by Japanese designers seem to vanish from the marketplace very quickly.