Bright and Flighty

bright and flighty

Bright and Flighty

Kunterbunt und Flatterhaft (Bright and Flighty)
12 bobbin lace butterflies in raised work, by Manuela Beck
A5, 69 pages, colour throughout. No ISBN number.
German and English
Presumably self published by Manuela Beck in 2004

A delightful little book of butterflies, mostly done with a raised work edge to the wings. They were originally worked as tiny, life size butterflies, using sewing machine cotton or one strand of embroidery thread, but of course the prickings could be enlarged to work at a larger scale.

Very clear diagrams are given for how to do the raised edges, how to work the Venetian plat feelers and how to introduce pairs of bobbins for the body. Each butterfly is based on a “real” one, and the technical names are given for each. Each butterfly is also accompanied by more diagrams to show method of working.

I bought mine from Torchon House when they were visiting Canberra recently. Manuela Beck has her own website at .